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Editor Leon Tukker is introducing us to what he calls “a legend” in the concept art field: Theo Prins.

Leon: “Known for his incredible style and crazy environments, Theo Prins combines a really great sense of color with brush strokes that are spot on! Giving his work an abstract, otherworldly and unique feeling.

Theo Prins has a Dutch background and spent most of his childhood in the Netherlands and at the moment he lives in Seattle, where he works with ArenaNet.

Starting his career as a professional in 2007, Prins has worked at companies such as CCP in Iceland and Reloaded Studios in South-Korea

Some people may know this artist for his work on ArenaNet’s Guild wars, where his environment concepts made waiting for the game to load so much better!

I am always looking for artists with a very unique style. And Theo Prins is one of the most famous examples. I am sure that his work is inspiring lots of artists out there. His wonderful worlds suggest stories and make you want to look at it forever!”

Theo Prins is a concept artist working at ArenaNet on Guild Wars 2.


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