18 November 2021


"Currently in its 15th year, Playgrounds Blend continues to pay tribute to an exceptional host of artists and designers" - It's Nice That

Some reflection and must reads about Blend 2021. Such kind words, thank you!

“Reaching out to visual arts enthusiasts wherever you may be geographically, the Dutch festival is known for platforming innovative and cutting edge creativity at the fore of the sector.” – you can read the whole article of It’s Nice That here.

Agnieszka Wodzińska visited Blend at skate park Pier15: “I came to find that Blend instead offers a series of candid and touching artist talks that recognise the commercial dimension of their work, but for the most part approach it with nuance and honesty.” Read the article here.




And Neon Moire did an interview with Rogier van der Zwaag, the creator of this year’s titles: “I always try to find a balance between ‘trick’ and composition. I want to create art. I don’t have to be a magician.”

Be sure to check out the line up of Blend on 24+25 November and register for free!

Image header: Isamaya Ffrench