19 June 2023


sharp and tough concept art vs. breezy holidays vibes designs, this eye candy artist can do both

Looking at his futuristic sci-fi concept art designs one would find it hard to imagine Tahir Tanis can also create dreamy artworks prompting our minds to instantly get us in sun-holiday mood. Good thing that with his latest Playgrounds Eye Candy tip, editor Stijn Winding introduced us to the fabulous works of this amazing artist!

“Bold colors, solid compositions, and subject matter that makes you go: WTH is going on here?
Tahir Tanis’s work is intriguing, particularly his personal work.
Hailing from Pergamon, Turkey, Tanis’s work often features Mediterranean landscapes and architecture.”

“I’m sure there is a story behind these images, but I very much enjoy not knowing it, and just making up my own interpretation. The sharp light and blue skies simply make meĀ  want to go there.”

Tahir Tanis is a Stockholm based concept artist currently working at Embark Studios.


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