26 April 2024


these beauties created by Form Play receive much deserved recognition

We loved seeing them on the big screen of the Klokgebouw stages during The Art Department Eindhoven 2024! Their groovy music, the wickedly sleek animation, the seemingly effortless creativity! But hey, we might have been subjective, right?

Wrong! Because other people seem to love them too. And we couldn’t be happier to see these stunning creations of Form Play get featured on the one and only Stash Media!

“The inspiration behind the titles came from The Art Department’s core principle, ‘Play & Explore’. Our biggest challenge was to reflect the wide range of disciplines and experiences celebrated at the Festival including VR, animation, drawing, sculpting, plus staying curious and discovering new skills.” Catharine Pitt, Form Play co-founder, says for Stash.


“The titles are shown several times during the festival, so our biggest creative challenge was developing a sequence that the viewers wouldn’t tire of quickly.”

Mission completed, dear Form Play friends! And with the titles now also being online, we are very happy to watch them some more!