playgrounds eye candy

Editor and illustrator Simon Buijs (a.k.a Bobby Pola) showcases the artistry of the intriguing Stephen Vuillemin.

Simon “Sometimes you see someone’s work and you just can’t get it out of your head anymore. I have that with the works of Stephen Vuillemin. His projects fit in a beautiful documentation of our current hipster FOMO generation. He describes it more as where sci-fi meets fashion and lifestyle. One way or the other, his work is pure Eye Candy drenched in popular culture.
His smoothly animated gifs of expansive designer cars, with girls in the latest fashion, sneakers, cats, dolphins and obscure fetishes… he tells the most outrageous but small stories that make you rethink what you just saw and read. Pure joy!”

Stephen Vuillemin is a French but London-based animator, designer and director. Stephen’s original use of the GIF format mixes illustration, comics and animation, with no order of preference. His compositions include opulent palettes on a sometimes vulgar, sometimes grandiose mode. His client list includes the New-York Times, GQ Magazine, The Atlantic, Arte, In Paradisum.


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