The Art Department Berlin 2024 (sold out)

Sehsucht is a hybrid production studio, merging the arts of film-making, animation and visual effects to produce captivating creative content. Their signature is unique and distinctive through the fusion of storytelling, design and technical execution on a state-of-the-art level.

Founded in 2000, Sehsucht is an integrated creative production studio delivering top notch visual solutions and experiences. With offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, their team of creative talents and movers & shakers deliver the whole range of creative content.

They believe that every project that comes through their door has a story to tell. They also believe that an engaging idea paired with a full-blown visual catch makes all the difference. Emotional engagement and memorable entertainment captivates audiences, enforces sustainable brand value, drives user engagement and increases customer loyalty. 

Come meet and chat with Sehsucht in the TAD Berlin Industry Garden on Saturday, 25 May.

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