20 November 2020


playgrounds eye candy

Our editor Iris van den Akker continues on her quest of highlighting exceptional female creators. Meet illustrator and art director Simone Noronha.

Iris: “Simone Noronha has an impressive resume. She worked at Buck, Google’s Creative Lab and Ustwo, before freelancing. Now, her clients include The New York Times, YouTube, Strabucks and WIRED. Actually this is how I stumbled upon her work… while reading the magazine.

Simone illustrated 100+ portraits of WIRED’s employees for their staff page in her signature style, which is grainy, retro and high-contrast. Her work, while completely digital, has a vintage vibe to it. It reminds me of the round shapes in the centaur-scene in Fantasia, while also using gritty, eery gradients that look more like ink splatters. That combination gives her illustrations a fresh face.”

Simone Noronha is an Illustrator & Art Director based in New York. She’s worked at Buck, Google’s Creative Lab, Franklyn, Tumblr, Ustwo, Delicious Design League & DressCode.



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