10 June 2022


a colourful and fuzzy playgrounds eye candy tip

Vibrant colours, fuzzy vibes…this Playgrounds Eye Candy tip from our editor Laura Zoon gets us in full summer mood. Meet animator and designer Rosa Sawyers.

Laura: “With this Eye Candy tip I want to dive in to the colourful and mesmerising world of Rosa Sawyers, an animator and designer from Brighton. After graduating from communication design Rosa taught herself how to use software such as Adobe After Effects during the pandemic, experimenting to create her own unique style. She gets inspired by nature, taking pictures of things that catch her eye. She uses those sources for experiments and creates her own soothing magical world by using a unique combination of shapes, colours and textures.”

“When I scrolled past her work for the first time, I immediately was interested in the way she interprets nature in her vibrant and fuzzy style. Because of her experimental way of working every animation feels like a surprise. By playing with colours, textures and smooth transitions she creates a calming and soft world that is easy to get hypnotised by. The floccose and radiant look always makes it feel like a happy memory and a calming safe space I can return to after a busy day. If you need to escape to a colourful haven for a second be sure to check out Rosa’s mesmerising animations!”



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