22 October 2021


playgrounds eye candy inspiration with some promo vibes

Coming from our editor Milou van der Walle, it should be no surprise this Eye Candy inspiration is once again related to music videos. Milou introduces us to Olivia Rose, an award winning director and strictly analogue photographer.⁠

Milou: “I was watching the new music video of British singers Sasha Keable and Jorja Smith named ‘Killing Me’. A song about a real heartache. Tones of red flashed before my eyes together with roses and rain. It gave me a feeling of grief but also a sense of strength. The strength you might also experience after grieving during a heartbreak. The director of this clip is Olivia Rose. She is a British photographer and director, well known for her analogue photography. Olivia thinks of herself as a socialist. The characters in front of her camera are the ones that shape her work, not the technology. 

Olivia directed various music videos for different artists. Just like in her photography, it seems to me that people play a big part in her filmography as well. The clip for the song ‘Purple Emoji’ by Ty Dolla $ign and J.Cole might be the most clear example of this. But also in her other videos I get the feeling that the people who are portrayed carry the story. It is the people who are the centre of attention supported by solid visuals and ambiance created by Rose. I really enjoy watching  her work and I’m really excited for her future projects.” 


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