28 January 2021


check out this retro-vibe Playgrounds Eye Candy pick by Iris van den Akker

In her latest Playgrounds Eye Candy, our editor Iris van den Akker introduces us to the works of London based motion designer with a passion for bringing brands to life: Natalie Hobbons.

Iris: “Natalie grabbed my attention with her latest short: Eye of Creation. This animated short, in graphic shapes with 70’s colours, was a personal project exploring the tension between sounds and shapes. Natalie worked on this short together with a music composition: Chipperfield Jones. The result is a hypnotic, gorgeous dance of shapes and colours, orchestrated exactly on the music. 

Natalie makes use of very graphic approaches, rhythm and a strong composition. Add a gritty texture to this and the animation has a very retro feel, which reminds me of the old animation used in Dutch television in the 90’s.

This is also very visible in ‘The Watering Can’, a very short looping animation of 8 seconds, were Hobbons makes use of gritty textures to get a mid-century feel. I love her work!”

Natalie Hobbons is a London based Senior Motion Designer with a passion for bringing brands to life. She works freelance for video production, design agencies and a variety of other clients.


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