playgrounds eye candy

A Playgrounds Eye Candy   tip from Amsterdam based illustrator and animator Iris van den Akker means another opportunity of celebrating young and talented female creators. Naomi Bensen makes no exception.

Iris: “I love it when an animator has a great illustration style. I really think that these two crafts can highlight each other’s potential, which is clearly visible in Naomi Bensens work. Her Instagram account bursts of pastel colours and, pleasantly, is really consistent. Her delightful short ‘How to make dinner’ shows what she can do: tell stories in a simple, but very well thought of way. Everything matters. The design, the sound, the movement.”

Naomi works freelance, as an illustrator as well as an animator. She is a Los Angeles based visual storyteller with an eye (and ear!) for crafting content that is equal parts zany and lovely.


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