5 February 2021


a mesmerising Eye Candy all the way from Russia

With his latest Eye Candy Stijn Windig introduces us to the wonderful artistry of Mikhail Rakhmatullin aka Rahmatozz.

Stijn: “Mikhail Rakhmatullin is a Russian concept artist at Moon studios.
I’ve been using the ‘collections’ function on ArtStation for a long time. I go there when I need reference for a specific style or subject.
Whenever I’m there, I’ll click on Mikhail Rakhmatullin’s stuff, not because I need it for reference, but for the sheer fun and inspiration of it.
Like shopping for groceries and not being able to resist the Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel Core ice cream.
“Mikhail is versatile both in style and subject. He draws a lot of very freaky characters, but also does environments.
Check out the Juicy backgrounds he painted for Ori and the Will of the Wisps! Then look at the style-frames he did for Stranger Things..
This guy can tackle anything you throw at him and give it his personal weird spin.”
Mikhail Rakhmatullin is a Russian freelance concept artist and digital illustrator working in the entertainment industry.

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