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Animator and illustrator Simon Buijs (a.k.a Bobby Pola) introduces us to the marvelous works of Max Litvinov.

Simon: “’Playful weirdness’ is a way to describe the illustrations and animations of Max Litvinov who also goes by the moniker of kclogg. He’s based in the current Russian Federation. His work has a slight retro feel to it, reminding me of all the amazing psychedelic animations you saw on the 70’s Sesame Street show.

His work is very mesmerizing especially his looping gifs in which he plays with constant resizing of forms and limbs that just keeps on going and going. Like you are watching a piece of and illustrated dream on repeat.”

Max Litvinov is a Russian freelance illustrator, animator and game developer. Max’s style feels old school with his obvious markings and slightly frazzled line-work, making for clunky yet charming viewing. are a little slice of animated fun. He creates quick animations under a minute long with a lot of repeating movements.


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