25 February 2022


a groovy uplifting eye candy tip

Here comes the latest pick from our editor Milou van der Walle to cheer us up visual wise, and make us think about the subjects approached. Meet Lydia Reid, a London based animator and story-teller, with an original approach: focussing on heavy narratives but injecting and depicting them with a touch of  humour.

Milou: “I found out about the work of Lydia Reid through Instagram.  When I saw the animation ‘This is Why Girls Go to the Bathroom Together’ The situation was so recognizable. As a girl myself, I’d have my reasons why I’d join my girlfriends to the bathroom at parties. The twist in the storyline made the girls team up even more. I’d liked how this enlarged the effect of the ambiance that exists in the bathroom.

Topics like gender and self love are portrayed with humor in the work of Reid. Together with a strong use of sounds and colours, Reid creates a sharp short way of storytelling. 

I believe that Reid’s voice is fresh and that the animations are a real reflection of the way in which we experience certain situations. The familiarity in the work is truly appealing and create a feeling of attachment.”


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