15 February 2021


a dazzling new Eye Candy tip from Romee van der Schoot

Our editor visual artist and animator Romee van der Schoot brings us another yummy Playgrounds Eye Candy tip. Check out the culinary inspired works of illustrator/designer Lauren Martin.

Romee: “Lauren Martin is a New York City based illustrator who worked for NY times, LA times, Paper magazine, Washington post and did lots of other editorial work as well as personal work that she sells as posters or stickers in her web-shop.

Normally I’m not the biggest fan of cartoon type stuff but this artist just hits different. Probably because there’s often food involved in her work and who doesn’t like tasty illustrated foods?

No in all seriousness I think it’s the way she personifies objects with cartoony eyes that help convey any message in a softer, sweeter of more fun way. And I think she does that in a very good way without it being cheesy.

Her personal poster work also have important (visual) messages about environment, self development or mental health visualised through food or flowers with faces. It sounds weird but it’s actually just really cute and presents the message in an attractive and light way. Especially with these important topics it sometimes works in a really interesting way by personifying objects instead of illustrating it in a realistic way. Like I mentioned before, it presents the issue softer without loosing impact of the message.

I have two posters of hers in my living room and it really makes me happy when I look at them! Oh and she also plays in this really cool band called Frankie Cosmos. Go give them a listen!”


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