13 November 2023


An edition entirely dedicated to the art of game! Part of the new Breda Game Week

Good news for all souls passionate about game development! During 18 and 24 November the city of Breda is hosting the first ever Game Week. And, of course, fans of games as we are, we couldn’t pass the opportunity of getting involved, while,



in the same time, using the opportunity to catch up with the latest trends in this industry. So, our last big event of 2023 comes in the shape of a 2-days conference. Join us for In Motion Special Breda: The Art of Game!



Curious what to expect? We can now confirm that Rotterdam based concept artist Danar Worya will be there. Danar has worked on titles like Shazam 2, Horizon: Forbidden West, Uncharted: Lost Legacy and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but his talk will mainly focus on his environmental design for The Last of Us.

Larian Studios, the developer of one of the biggest games of this season: Baldur’s Gate 3, will be with us in Breda ready to answer questions and offer insights about creating their massive hit.

Dutch character animator Peer Lemmers will be present as well. He worked on numerous games, films and series like Horizon Zero Dawn, Jurassic World, Rise of the Guardians and Edge of Tomorrow and will talk about creating animation for games.

Also, we will be joined by Happy Volcano. An award-winning game studio with a volcanic passion for bold and exciting video games. Known for their You Suck in Parking and The Almost Gone games, they create quirky joyful and fresh gaming experiences for players.

No stranger to Playgrounds, Jort van Welbergen is a Dutch concept artist and art director. In his 10 year career he has worked for many companies and on many projects including Killzone, Horizon Zero Dawn, Star Citizen, Star Atlas, House of Dragon and Marvel Eternals. In Breda he will talk about building worlds for games and series.

Molly Heady-Carroll is an Irish-born 2D artist and animator based in the Netherlands who specializes in all things creatures. She has been involved in virtually all aspects of creative development, including: character design, animation, game design for video, card and board games, website and product packaging design and team hiring and management.

We’ll also have character-expert Taraneh Karimi giving a talk at our conference. Known for her vibrant and full of colour character designs, Taraneh also created her own indie adventure art game named Lona. During her presentation she will dig into the process of turning an idea into a real game.

Best known to most gamers as creator of The Falconeer alongside his exotic Skyrim Mod Seris: Moonpath to Elseweyr, game artist and designer Tomas Sala is joining our line-up as well. He has developed a unique style over the years and we can’t wait to hear more about it and Tomas’ journey!

And we can confirm we‘ll be welcoming fifteen years of experience on stage in the shape of visual storyteller and storyboard savvy Klaus Scherwinski. He has worked on projects such as Horizon Forbidden West and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. At In Motion Breda, Klaus will dive into storyboarding for game cinematics.

Make sure you keep an eye here on the latest updates on the program! And if you want to take part in this fantastic celebration of the art of games, email us at ticketing@weareplaygrounds.nl with your name and mail address and the day you want to attend!

Next to the In Motion conference there are plenty of other game related events you can enjoy. Expect a program full of talks, interviews, workshops, panel discussions about the e-sports, the art of game design and world building, locally developed indie games, and of course the business side of game development. Game Week is created in collaboration with Breda Game City, Dynasty Esports, BUAS, St. Joost School for Art and Design, the city of Breda and of course, yours truly, Playgrounds!

And… don’t miss the installation PacmanXL that is on display  at De Nieuwe Veste 18+19 November!