playgrounds eye candy

Concept artist and Playgrounds Eye Candy editor Leon Tukker introduces us to the lavish illustrations of Kirsten Zirngibl.

Leon: “As a freelance concept artist myself I am always very inspired by colorful science fiction images, but also by modern architecture! This artist seems to combine these two things, and very successfully I’d say!
Kirsten Zirngib’s one of a kind science-fiction images feature bold shapes and daring colors combined very skillfully into great cityscapes and intricate structures.
Working in 3Ds max for most of her professional work, Kirsten creates most of the architecture in her images in 3D. She then proceeds with finishing the image in Photoshop and turning it into a final illustration.
With the architecture she creates in 3D she is also able to create very technical cutaway drawings and diagrams to show her clients and audience the intricate designs that she thought out. 
She is also able to retain her colorful and bold shape language in her traditional work.
Want to know what inspires Kirsten? She keeps a very interesting Pinterest account featuring lots of modern architecture and other fascinating subjects.”
Kirsten Zirngibl currently lives in San Diego USA and works as a freelancing concept artist and illustrator in the creative and entertainment industry.


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