playgrounds eye candy

Freelance visual designer Jort van Welbegen presents us with a smashingly creative Playgrounds Eye Candy tip: the concept art of Johnson Ting.

Jort: “Johnson is a great Malaysian artist. He works as a concept artist for many films and games and lives in New York. Johnson always manages to find new and fun ways to depict what other people might turn in cliches. This is mostly visible in his Sci Fi works, where he uses strong themes in exciting ways to create fresh designs. His Neo Japan work is especially inspiring to me and seeing it let’s me peek into his brain and the worlds that he creates.

Besides being an amazing artist, Johnson is one of the friendliest and enthusiastic guys I have every seen. With such an attitude and interesting take on things there will surely be many exciting things coming from this artist in the future!”

Johnson Ting is a Concept Artist, specialized in AAA games and movies visual development with clients such as Activision, EA, Sony, Legendary, Universal, Microsoft, NCSoft, NetEase. He is also a collectible designer and toy maker.


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