playgrounds eye candy

For his latest Eye Candy tip our editor Jort van Welbergen chose to speak about a person he is very much looking forward to hear talk during our event Playgrounds 2017 The Art Department: Jan Urschel.

Jort: “Jan Urschel, one of the speakers of Playgrounds: The Art Department 2017, is one of my all time heroes when it comes to SciFi designs. His work is clearly inspired by the Asian Urban areas where he lives and works. That, combined with a great technical know-how and design sense, helps him keep bringing fresh images and designs. His love for photography is also showcased by his works: bold shapes, graphic and rhythmical compositions are always recurring elements of his style. Looking through his portfolio always gives me great motivation to push my work more and try new things and new approaches.”

Jan Urschel is a freelance concept designer and illustrator working in the entertainment industry, designing for feature films and video games. Clients include: Warner Bros, Lucasfilm, Marvel, EA, Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, LucasArts, Cloud Imperium Games and Psyop.


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