I Like You And You Like I, a performance where two autonomous entities spend seven days confined in a room of solitude. This project by Next talent Dion Soethoudt is inspired by (and an adaptation of) the 1974 Joseph Beuys performance in New York in which Beuys locked himself up with a wild coyote.

19 October 2019 - 26 October 2019 (Event has ended)
Entrance fee
€17-€20 (access to all DDW exhibitions),  door tickets (€3) also available at TAC

Soethoudt chooses a different ‘spirit animal’ in the form of an autonomous robot, capable of exploring and mapping its surroundings. With one dynamic element however: a 31-year-old designer. For seven consecutive days, living with only each other and themselves.

The seclusion takes place in hexagon-shaped room of 44m2 and has a 24H live stream. No windows and only one door equipped with a one-way mirror where DDW visitors can witness the event live and in person.

The A.I. and robotics revolution is causing a new status quo, as the industrial revolution did in the 19th century, railroading our conscious and subconscious decision-making. The digital to physical evolution of A.I. forces us have a tangible relation to it, and forces us  – or it –  to design its migration.

I Like You And You Like I is an inquiry into artificial intelligence, human intelligence, autonomous thinking and the building of relationships.

Location: TAC Eindhoven
Sa 19 Oct 13.00h: Dion will enter the room
Sa 19 Oct-Sa 26 Oct: DDW-visitors can watch Dion and the autonomous robot live and via a live stream
Sa 26 Oct 13.00h: Dion will leave the room

This performance is part of the tailor-made trajectory Dion is following as part of the Next talent program.

Next is initiated by Playgrounds and supported by PostPanic, Submarine, Solar World Cinema, independent filmmaker Frodo Kuipers, AKV|St. Joost, Kaboom festival, Playgrounds and Provincie Noord-Brabant.