15 February 2022


an eye candy tip full of mysteries

Some artists are real tightwads with words but generous with their talents. Such is the case of Stijn Windig’s latest Playgrounds Eye Candy pick: Eugene Korolev. There’s little information available about this Russian digital artist, but his works are absolutely stunning. Make sure you keep an eye on his ArtStation and Instagram accounts.

Stijn: “Eugene Korolev Lives in Moscow and ‘Draws stuff from time to time’. And that’s about all I know about Eugene Korolev. It’s hard to find more information. I guess he likes to let his work speak for itself.
And it does. It’s surreal, painterly, beautiful, dark and ¬†unexpected.¬† I always have many questions when looking at Eugene Korolev’s art. It has this uncanny intriguing quality.”

“Some of his works are in 360 Pano format, such as this one and this one.
It’s worth it going there and checking them out. He does weird motion graphics as well, and he frequently posts process videos.”


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