3 April 2021


mind-boggling Eye Candy tip from editor Romee van der Schoot

Another great pick from our editor visual artist and animator Romee van der Schoot. With her latest Playgrounds Eye Candy tip we dive into the spectacular universe of Erik Winkowski and his artistic challenging of the gif environments.

Romee: “Intriguing visual fragments of alternated worlds, that is what Erik creates. I’m talking about his video sketchbook project that is his instagram page. A place where he shares his collages of life, fantasy, movement and story. He uses live action film fragments or photos and combines these with all kinds of video effects which he overlays with analog paintings and animation. Short visual pleasures which got the attention of clients like Prada, Gucci, Hermés and The New York Times where he could apply his style in various projects.

When I first came across his work it truly tickled my mind. He has made this wonderful collection of experiments which I experience as a Playground for my eyes (pun intended). A place to explore living collages of different worlds and discover what beauty, new stories and shapes emerge. I would really suggest to dive into his work and see for yourself!”


“He’s also exploring AR techniques in video-filters for Instagram and AR posters. Such as this one.
But there’s more! His work is perfect to make loops from. Which is exactly what he did, adding a frame as well. Check out his Infinite Objects collaboration here.

That’s all I have for you guys, but if you want to know more about Erik I really recommend this interview.”

Erik Winkowski treats video like collage, cutting up, drawing over, and remixing scenes from everyday life in playful, unexpected ways. His pioneering animation techniques lend his videos the spontaneity and vitality of painting—this experimental spirit can be seen in his collaborations. Check out his website for more works.


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