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Our super talented editor Vera van Wolferen introduces us to fellow analogue maker: Elly MacKay.

Vera: “I have been following Elly’s works for 5 years and I think she makes dreamlike illustrations out of paper. She first prepares paper with watercolor paint and then cuts out little scenes which she stages in what she calls a ‘paper theater’. I especially love her landscapes and I always try to figure out the tricks she uses to make water reflections or how she gives depth to clouds. In her Etsy shop she sells prints and you can sometimes pick a version with a different lighting set-up, this shows how she works with light and it’s very inspiring to see.”

Elly MacKay lives in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada with her husband and kids. She received her bachelor of fine art from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and has written and illustrated several children’s books.


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