playgrounds 2016 | ARTIST TALK

Stay hungry. Stay foolish. This is the motto of 3d designer and illustrator Rizon Parein (BE).

He has come a long way from working odd jobs after dropping out of high school at 17 years old. A few years ago, Parein had no ambition to become an artist. He just started with making flyers for strip joints and hip-hop events that were very basic: a picture and text, no more. But at a certain point he needed a challenge, an adventure. He met Tom Muller (designer at Vir2l), who introduced him with an amazing team of cutting-edge designers that were defining new foundations of graphic design. This triggered a whole new interest for Parein. Nowadays Parein is a great artist. His unique 3D style is colorful and playful, and his digital models come beautifully close to reality.


Over the years, Parein has managed to take his talent and passion for graffiti from the streets of Belgium to the forefront of the world of design and advertising. He works with great clients like Nike and Jay-Z & Translation. How he managed to do so? Come and listen to his inspiring story at Playgrounds Festival!