CG artist and director

Erik Ferguson is a half Scottish, half Norwegian CG artist and director, living and working from Bergen, Norway. His body of work departs from more mainstream CG art in that he depicts textures and tactility that are unsettling to most, largely focusing on organic realism inspired by nature.

There is a strong organic presence in all of his work, often involving skin or skin-tissue moving in a realistic manner, detached from its natural surroundings.

Pushing the boundaries of organic beautifully grotesque CG, Ferguson feeds his legion of Instagram followers a constant stream of his tests and experiments from the account.

Aside from creating artistic experiments, he has directed a series of promos and musical performances for artists like Rhianna, Steve Aoki, Gorrilaz and St. Vincent.

He also created designs for Guardians of the Galaxy, the look development for Game Awards 2016,  as well as commercial campaigns for Mercedes and Adobe among other exciting projects.