22 July 2021


a Russian Eye Candy this time with a feminine touch

You didn’t think that Russia only has exquisite painters, right? Our editor Laura Zoon makes sure we’re keeping on our radar the female talents as well! And illustrator Anastasia Suvorova is definitely one to watch!

Laura: “Anastasia Suvorova is a freelance illustrator from Russia, creating illustrations for picture books, advertisements, magazines and posters. She describes her illustrations as “Silent tales about stars, birds and sleepy rivers. No beginning and no end, just images from the breath of fog”. This description captures the essence of her work perfectly, which I hope already makes you curious to see what it is all about. When I came across her illustrations, Anastasia immediately had me caught in her mysterious cosmos. Every illustration seems to tell its own story, but even more interesting is how together they seem to create one big mystical world. This world has a serene yet exciting feeling to it, making me wish I could wander around in this dream in real life.” 

“She creatively uses shapes and textures to shape her surreal world of wonder. The combination of textures, colours and the foggy look creates a dreamlike world with a unique mysterious atmosphere. Her play with the size of characters makes this world even more interesting and makes you wonder about the story behind every illustration. If you want to escape our hectic world for a moment, be sure to check out her work to be indulged in a mystical and serene dream!”


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