15 April 2021


a playgrounds eye candy pick with a fresh twist

We’re spicing things up in our Playgrounds Eye Candy series! Aside from our regular curators we are also inviting a series of young guest editors to show us works and artists inspiring them. First up is the super talented animator Wolfer Freijsen, inviting us to discover the exciting Team Reptile.

Wolfer: “I’ve been a big fan of Team Reptile and their way of making games since I first saw the trailer of Lethal League. This became the first game I played from Team Reptile. I found the slick animations and movement combined with the art a stylised treat to experience. And, after the announcement of their new game, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, I wanted to share it with more people. Because I think that it’s worth experiencing the art and feel of their games. Even more so because the style they work in perfectly fits a spiritual Jet Set Radio successor like BRC.

Watch the trailer and see for yourself.”

Team Reptile is a Dutch based game studio that have created Megabyte Punch and the Lethal League series. They are currently working on a new game called Bomb Rush Cyberfunk or BRC for short. BRC is a spiritual successor to the Jet Set Radio franchise and comes from the mind of Dion Koster. Currently the game is set to release in 2022, keep an eye out on their social media for updates and sneak peaks.

Wolfer is an Animation generalist who likes to make his atmospheric ideas into visuals and animations. He always like to be inspired and inspire others with techniques, visuals and ideas. Don’t be afraid to say hi, he might be a wolf but he doesn’t bite.