One of the challenges of being an artist is often the isolation brought by creating art on your own. Sometimes you can feel you’re on to something but you just don’t know how to bring your idea to the next level. Other times a project might seem awesome one day, and a terrible idea the next. If you could just talk to somebody about it, it would all become more clear. You might have 4-5-6 ideas in your head. But which one would make the most sense to pursue?


With At First Sight we create a safe environment where artists can pick the brains of other professionals regarding projects they were considering creating. Bounce your ideas and receive constructive feedback to get your projects to the next level!

This project is done in collaboration with the International Film Festival Rotterdam and is a first step into joining their RTM pitch.

In total we are looking for 6 Rotterdam based makers. Per festival day 3 projects will be presented, so we are looking for 6 creators and plans.

Want to join? Fill out the form here

Note that you have to upload a concept plan of max 400 words.

Per festival day we’ll invite 3 makers to pitch their first ideas for their project. Festival days are Thu 19 + Fri 20 September. Please note you have to be available those days!

Deadline for submissions: Monday 19 August 17.00 CEST
Results: Friday 30 August


Six plans will be selected, no feedback can be given to the other plans due to time restrictions. Selection will be made by the Playgrounds and IFFR staff.

Disclaimer: Participation in this trajectory does not guarantee participation in the RTM Pitch.

More about the RTM Pitch

With the RTM Pitch one Rotterdam based filmmaker gets the chance to create a short film with a €20,000 grant which financed by the municipality of Rotterdam as part of its film and media policy to encourage local film talent development. The winning project will receive expert guidance and aims to premiere at IFFR as part of the festival’s Rotterdam-focused program, RTM.