In Motion Rotterdam 2023

Inspired by genre-defying artist like Hex Cougar, Boombox Cartel and X&G, Absent Chronicles started developing his sound in 2019. Resulting in an ever-evolving blend of styles and bass-genres topped with a layer of grainy sound design, as demonstrated in the cinematic piece Prodigal (Remix) and electro-rock track Out of Time.

In 2021 Absent Chronicles signed a worldwide publishing deal with Concord Music Publishing, solidifying the expansion of his portfolio writing for other artists. In 2023 he contributed to the debut album of BTS member V, producing the second track on his album that debuted #2 on the Billboard 200 chart. In the meanwhile Absent Chronicles’ music, sound design, performances and audiovisual installations have appeared at various museums, festivals, events and TV shows around the globe. Including Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Dance Event, work for NIKE, McDonald’s, MINI, Germany’s Next Top Model and others.

Absent Chronicles’ album What You’ve Won I’ve Lost, is due for release on February 2, 2024 on Sans Huile de Palme Records. A project featuring 14 exclusive dance and bass music hybrid tracks, developed in collaboration with 11 different artists.