At The Art Department we’ll screen a number of short films in compilation programs. What expect? Dazzling Master Animation graduation films by Juliana Erazo, Andres Cuevas, Dair Biroli, Willem van de Boomen, Linde van Dijk. Our friends Job, Joris and Marieke will show a number of their films. Nexus Studios has selected some of their commercial work for us and you can also enjoy the wonderful stories made by STUDIO AKA.

Job Joris & Marieke –¬†Happy Camper, A single life, Passing By, A double life

Studio AKA – Here we are, Song for Europa, Morning Stroll trailer, Raised by Wolves, Jojo in the stars, Lost and Found (extended trailer), Hey Duggee (BBC)

Nexus Studios – Headspace (commercial), Commercial for HP, Commercial for Volkswagen by FX Goby

Graduation films of the Master Animation of art academy St. Joost

Juliana Erazo – My Mothers Pain

Dair Biroli – Same Old

Andres Cuevas – Goodbye V

Willem v/d Boomen – A road with bumps

Linde van Dijk – Homels Beehind