And they are back! The lovely people of KLIK x Haff curated a super nice short film program for Blend 2019. So sit back in the red pluche of Tuschinski on Monday 8 April at 18.15.

The program (65 min) consists of the following short films:

(OO) – Seo-ro Oh (6:09)
The events that occur in somebody’s nostrils.

5 years after the war (5 ans après la guerre) – Martin Wiklund, Ulysse Lefort and Samuel Albaric (16:39)
How does one grow up between an absent Iraqi father and a pervasive Jewish mother? Tossed around by the great upheavals of the modern times, Tim tries as hard as he can to find his place in the world.

Better Humans – Moth Studio (3:17)
Sexy yetis, scientists and neon colours collide in Better Humans: a kaleidoscopic romp through the possibilities of gene editing and body augmentation.

As part of a 7-part series commissioned by Massive Science on the lasting impact of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Dolly.Zero – Ugo Bienvenu (3:58)
Dolly and Silvio are in love for ever.

FACING IT –Sam Gainsborough (7:32)
As a man anxiously awaits a meeting in the local pub, he is forced to explore his own difficult memories and relationships in an evening that will leave him changed forever.

Maikeulboudjan – Capucine Muller (3:23)
Jean and Chantal are a pretty normal couple living a pretty normal life in a pretty normal neighborhood. Jean and Chantal love each other. Could a simple dish washing problem break their couple ?

Peepin – Haein Kim and Paul Rhodes (4:38)
Dorian is on her own playing wall ball when she discovers a hole in the wall that reveals a public hook up spot. She runs to show the school’s popular girls Kimmy K and Jae Lee her new discovery to potentially make a friend.

Wildebeest – Nicolas Keppens and Matthias Phlips (19:08)
Going on a safari is a dream for many. For middle-aged couple Linda and Troyer, it turns into a horribly real adventure when they get left behind in the wilderness.