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Our editor Loek Vugs introduces us to the stunning works of indie animation director & illustrator from Berlin: Robert Löbel

Loek: “I love Robert Löbels approach to storytelling. He often starts with a simple but unique premise and explores this in every possible way.
For instance in his film ‘Wind’, which you might have seen at some festivals, he shows how people have adapted their lives in an area in which they are constantly exposed to a strong wind. It might be a simple premise, but I really like how he explores this idea and gives creative solutions to a made up problem.

One year ago he made two new short films: ‘Link’ and ‘Island’. Link is about two characters who are linked to each other by their hair. I haven’t seen it yet, but based on the trailer I’m most likely to enjoy it.
The short film ‘Island’ is a collaboration between Robert Löbel and Max Mörtl. The work of both of these artists is great and I love how they combined their personal styles together. The minimalistic and playful characters are beautifully animated in a combination of both stop motion and digital hand drawn animation. You can see the trailer for this film below.”

Robert Löbels is an indie animation director, freelance animator & illustrator from Berlin. Check out more of his works!


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