Matchmaking it is! Again we made space for online portfolio reviews and recruitment at our hybrid edition of The Art Department.

Portfolio review (normal)

The classic review as you know it.

Portfolio review for starters & students

The name says it all: we’d like to reserve a few time slots for beginners who don’t really have a huge portfolio yet and might be looking for more basic tips & tricks. How do you build your portfolio? Where do you start?


Studios who are looking for new talent can recruit during TAD2020. If they are actively recruiting for a specific role, they’ll of course provide a job description. 

To ensure that we can make the right match between people and studios, all applications will be checked first by members from the Playgrounds team.


10:00 – 11:05Recruitment*Reblika
11:15 – 12:20Review for starters & studentsAlex Beddows (Art Station)
12:30 – 13:35TBA
14:30 – 15:35Recruitment**Jamie Bolio (Submarine)
15:45 – 16:50Recruitment**Jamie Bolio (Submarine)
17:00 – 18:05Portfolio reviewDanar Worya



14:00 – 15:05Portfolio ReviewAndre Balmet (Terraform Studios)
15:15 – 16:20TBA
16:30 – 17:35Portfolio ReviewBram Sels (Art Director)
17:45 – 18:50Portfolio ReviewMarek Madej & Ben Andrews (concept artists at CD PROJEKT RED)
19:20 – 20:25Portfolio ReviewPablo Dominguez (Terraform Studios)
20:35 – 21:40TBA


14:00 – 15:05Recruitment*Studio Reblika
15:15 – 16:20Review for starters & studentsAlex Beddows (Art Station)
16:30 – 17:35Review for starters & studentsSylvain Marc (illustrator / animator)
17:45 – 18:50Portfolio ReviewSteven Cormann (matte painter / concept artist)
19:20 – 20:25Portfolio ReviewAndrea Chiampo & Jason Horley (art director & concept artist, ILM London)
20:35 – 21:40Portfolio ReviewPatrick O’Keefe (Art Director)

* Reblika are recruiting for the following positions: Groom artists, Character Modeler & Rigger (freelance & full-timers). More info can be found here.

** Submarine is recruiting in all areas across the digital 2D & 3D animation pipeline, you’ll find a full overview below:

– A 3D Character Animation Supervisor, Blender preferred
– A 3D Character Animator, Blender preferred
– A 3D Layout / PreVis Artist, Blender preferred
– A 2D Style-Frame Character Artist, TVPaint or Photoshop
– 2D Digital Animators, Senior-level / ToonBoom (not cut-out)
– 2D FX (Shading / Color) Artists, TVPaint
– 2D Sequence Animators / Indie Filmmakers with a unique style


Deadlines (tentative program, all rights reserved)

Wed 23 Sept | Online application opens 09:00h: you can find the form here.

Sun 27 Sept | Online application closes 00:00h

Thu 1 Oct | Announcement of selected portfolios