25 May 2022


new Netherlands Filmfund program strengthened by Next input

As part of The Netherlands Filmfund initiative Cypher Cinema, a program focused on autodidact filmmakers we initiated the Peer to Peer Helpdesk sessions. Former Next talents, who are a few steps further in the development of their film making career, gave one on one feedback to the Cypher Cinema participants and projects.

In a safe environment knowledge and expertise was exchanged. The talents who participated as coaches were: Dwight Fagbamila, Loes Janssen, Marleine van der Werf. All participants and coaches were very enthusiastic about this formula, as it created  a safe space where to discuss projects and other issues the Cypher Cinema participants were facing.

The value of feedback from a peer that is just a few steps further in their career has proven to be extremely valuable.

This project was set up and executed in tight collaboration with Next and Playgrounds partner BROET.