15 June 2021


new partner for tailor-made talent trajectory initiated by Playgrounds

Netflix is partnering up with the Next Talent Program, initiative of Playgrounds and supported by partners The Panics, Submarine Channel, BROET, Natlab, Herrie Film & TV, Kaboom animation festival, St Joost School of Art and Design and BredaPhoto.

Next is a talent development trajectory for filmmakers of all genres: animation, games, VR/AR, documentary and fiction with an origin in Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands. In the past five years, 23 film talents have been guided in a tailor-made program.

In addition to financial support from the Province of Noord-Brabant and the Dutch FilmFund, the partners in Next are delighted that Netflix is also investing in new film talent in the region.

Next coordinators Paulien Mandos and Maureen Prins: “Within Next, we have always focused on a trajectory in which filmmakers are supported in their specific development needs. But they also often have broad-based questions, such as how to further develop their writing skills.”

“With this question we ended up at Netflix who, with their New Voices contest, had already shown they were looking for new film talent that didn’t follow the calibrated path. Creators who are self-taught, reside in the region, have attended other art schools than the Film Academy, have a diverse background. This was a match with Next and the talents we scout and the intention to work together was soon expressed. Now we’re going to work with the vast knowledge that Netflix has to create a great addition to our program!”

Christopher Mack, Director, Creative Talent Investment & Development at Netflix:
“For Netflix, it is incredibly important to look for new voices and different sounds in every region. We like to invest in future talent and a collaboration with this Brabant talent development program is a logical step in this.”