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Eye Candy editor Jort van Welbergen introduces us to the fabulous works of concept artist and industrial designer Mike Hill.

Jort: ‘’Mike Hill is especially known for his different approach of design problems. Being a trained industrial designer, Mike tends to design from the inside out. This adds a very believable aesthetic to his technical designs. He does not let go of visual value, but enriches it in a way not many people explore. Besides being an amazing designer, Mike is great at analyzing and putting his ideas into words. This can be depicted from his two famous ‘Industry Workshop’ talks on design in film. These talks gave him consultant jobs at multiple companies including Riot and Infinity Ward. On top of that he art directed games such as Killzone and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Mike is an all-round, great artist and if anyone deserves a spotlight it is him.’’

Mike Hill is a freelance concept designer, industrial designer and art director in the entertainment industry. He creates technical designs and mostly vehicles for film and video-games. Hill created concept designs for Blade Runner 2049, Call of Duty Infinite Warface and Fractured Space. He is the co-founder of Award winning design studio Karakter. Hill also gives lectures about implementing story theory into technical design.


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