playgrounds eye candy

Keeping it short and simple words-wise, but giving us plenty to visually enjoy, Simon Buijs introduces us to the amazing works of Joe Prytherch (also known as Mason London).

Simon: “Animation doesn’t always have to be complicated in order to look interesting. Especially if it’s based on the great works of Mason London. His moving projects beautifully combine the worlds of illustration and animation in a mesmerizing manner.”
Joe Prytherch is a freelance designer and illustrator from London. He draws under the name Mason London. Before taking the leap to being freelance, he was art director of online music platform Boiler Room. If your were to add up all his jobs he has ever had, you would end up with 10 years experience working as a designer and 2 years working at the London Zoo! Have a look on his website for more fabulous works.


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