we had an absolute blast!

Team Playgrounds is walking on clouds. Because In Motion London was mind-blowing! With an audience of more than 2000 visitors for the festival and over 1000 viewers for our public film program, we experience this first edition in London as a great success.

Applause especially for our In Motion London audience! They dived right into this new festival and joined us for two days of full attention from the top international talent we brought to the stage.Of course, In Motion London would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors and partners. Our principal sponsor Procreate even provided a special flavor to to festival because of the product premiere of the new Procreate Dreams app!

It was a party with studios, international artists like Patrick O’Keefe, Aaron Blaise, Anna Ginsburg, BUCK, See No Evil, She Drew That, David Wilson on stage. The tailwind came from the Creative Fund NL and Province of North Brabant, supporting us for many years to create and expand our community connecting professional creatives, students, talents, education and the industry.Now on to new adventures: that immediately creates high expectations for In Motion Rotterdam.