12 January 2023


“With Hans Robertus we found a new chairman with strong ties to Brabant and a international network in the creative industry.We look forward to strengthen and develop
our activities for creative makers together with the board the coming years.”

State Leon van Rooij and Suzanne Rietdijk, directors of Playgrounds, “At the same time we say goodbye to an inspired and very involved chairman Lucas Hendricks who has advised and motivated us. We are very grateful for all his commitment and enthusiasm for Playgrounds.”

With some 30 years of experience as a design manager at Oce and Philips and his previous position as creative director at the Dutch Design Week, Robertus is no stranger to both the creative industry and the cultural field, nationally and internationally.

Robertus: “Playgrounds focuses in all its programming on the quality of the relationships created by those activities. How can Playgrounds connect makers with the industry and vice versa? I see in this objective a lot of common ground with my
experience and expertise and think this will allow me to complement the knowledge already present in the board and team.”