23 May 2018 - 26 May 2018 (Event has ended)
In and around Werkwarenhuis, Tramkade 20-24, 's-Hertogenbosch
21:30 -
Entrance fee
€14,50 - students €10

In between the buildings and silo’s close to the Werkwarenhuis Panama Pictures presents Urban Fiction. An interdisciplinary expedition: dance, circus, visuals, sound and music meet each other in this show. A new generation of performing artists and visuals artists were asked to collaborate and to react to the amazing industrial area. Urban Fiction tells us about the experience of space.

Playgrounds collaborates with Panama Pictures and connected Next talent Loek Vugs and AKV|St. Joost student Stijn Goossens as visual artists to Urban Fiction.

Tickets: €14,50-10


choreography: Pia Meuthen
assistence: Francesco Barba
acrobatics/ dance: Moritz Grenz, Annemarie Plattschor, Antoine Dupeyrot, Ambre Ros, Giel Menève, Rens Planckaert, Ray Cardoze, Marth de Kinder, Clara Cortés, Francesco Barba, Julian Vogel
composition: Julian Vogel
art direction projecties & visuals: Leon van Rooij
projections & visuals: Stijn Goossens & Loek Vugs
light design: Bart Verzellenberg