Playgrounds Expo // Vera van Wolferen

Last November we debuted Playgrounds Next: A program offering exposure to young multidisciplinary talents from Brabant. Vera van Wolferen was one of the program’s supported artists.

6 July 2017 - 24 September 2017 (Event has ended)

We’re proudly reporting an important step in her career: the solo exhibition a temporary parking space showing at TAC Eindhoven from July 6th all the way to September 24th.

The exhibition shows a series of sculptures out of paper and wood. Miniature camping vehicles drive through a desolate white landscape. A 3 meter high architectural object of stacked houses on a cart is parked in the corner. A projection shows the inside of a camper. It’s a play of scale and shape and the closer and longer you look at this escapist parade of stargazers and glampers, the more details start to unfold. We can’t help but wonder what story lies beneath surface of these poetic and stylized scenes. This is where the viewer is challenged to engage, and find their own understanding of this dreamt up world.