10 years of inspiration, experiments, amazing films and performances and so much fun. It has been a hell of a ride! We will make sure that you are treated to an exiting program packed with workshops, screenings and performances, provided by contemporary animators, vfx specialists, game developers, sound & graphic designers,and everything in between. 

Featuring artists such as Laika, ManvsMachine, Tippett Studio, Studio AKA, Rizon Parein, Random Studio & Echoic.


The official Playgrounds 2016 Titles – imagine everything created by 8 very talented animators / directors and sounddesign by Studio Echoic.


Many thanks to Studio Kubus, Samantha Williams, Teyosh, Studio Smack, Federica D’Urzo, Raymon Wittenberg and Vera van Wolferen, Studio Lossy, Jelle van Meerendonk. With the great help of Calango ( Brief & Typo) and rendering by Renderfarm.nu