9 June 2021


an Eye Candy creator to keep on your radar

We continue to marvel at the Eye Candy picks of Laura Zoon (which is also the reason why we have invited her to be part of our regular team of editors!). This time she puts in the spotlight the very young but extremely talented Eva Toorenent.

Laura: “Eva Toorenent, also known as Evaboneva, is an illustrator and artist from The Netherlands, creating creepy and odd creatures with strange and sometimes unbelievable tales. Aside from her personal projects, her creations have also brought to life a number of children’s books. She is currently working on releasing her own book “De Wondere Wereld van Eva”, in which she will showcase her wonderful creatures. 

I have been following Eva online for a while now and every time she posts a new character I get excited to see what she has come up with. Even though I’m not that into creature design myself, Eva’s work is something I can’t stop looking at.”

“The way she uses elements from nature and combines different animals gives her world a natural feeling, blurring the line between her dream-like universe and the real world. Her surreal world is a perfect mixture of spooky, mysterious and cute. The hybrid creatures she creates sometimes even make me wish they were real, who wouldn’t love to have a mermaid dog or crocodile butterfly? I also really enjoy how recognisable her unique style is throughout the various mediums she uses, whether she works with watercolours, oils, digitally paints or even sculpts her creatures. Her paintings are packed with detail and texture, breathing life into the worlds they depict. There is always so much to look at, making you interested in the story behind the creature and it’s world. Go have a look at her work yourself and immerse yourself in her wondrous surreal world!”


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