3 June 2021


an eye candy for the ears

One of the many reasons we love our Playgrounds Eye Candy editors is that they never shy away from thinking outside the box. For this instalment, our editor Romee van der Schoot doesn’t highlight a source of pleasure for the eyes, but one for the ears. An Ear Candy so to say. She introduces us to the mind-opening podcast Creative Pep Talk! Go and give it a listen!

Romee: “Every artist has their struggles and I can imagine those might be more present than ever during this pandemic that we’re still in (sigh…). So for this Eye Candy tip I figured I’d change it up a bit by recommending a podcast that hopefully gives you some motivation and advice to help you thrive! Let me know if you like it and perhaps my next tip will be another creative podcast.

For this Eye Candy, or rather ‘Ear Candy’ (hehe) I want to highlight ‘Creative Pep Talk’ by Andy J. Pizza. Yes, Pizza! 

While that is not his real last name it does expres his lovely and fun personally, which is exactly what you get in this podcast. Now add some creative chaos to it and you get a real PEPtalk with monologues and interviews with other creatives that generate new perspectives on the creative process for its listeners.

“A recent episode that inspired me a lot was ep.302 – ‘The 5 Creative Languages – How to Find Yours and Supercharge Your Art’.  Andy translates the well known 5 Languages of Love into languages of art as he views art as a high form of communication, just like love. This perspective fascinated me. I highly recommend to give that one a listen, and all others that strike your interest. I’ve found that each episode teaches me at least one thing every time.

Have fun listening!” 

Through PEP & STRATEGY soaked monologues and interviews with creative powerhouses like Joseph Gordon Levitt, Abbi Jacobson and Morgan Harper Nichols, The Creative Pep Talk is designed to help listeners reach their creative potential. Illustrator and Public Speaker Andy J. Pizza is the founder and host of The Creative Pep Talk Podcast. Andy has illustrated for the likes of The New York Times, The Washington Post, Google, Amazon, Nickelodeon, YouTube and Warby Parker.


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