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Balloon Battle Space Race. What? In this game you are a Space Racer trying to stay alive for two minutes driving around at an abandoned Space Station. A UFO is trying to demolish your balloon, which is slowly inflating on your Space Racer. While you evade the UFO, you can activate booby-traps to frustrate your fellow Space Racers and achieve the high score!

Thijs Eerens is an creative technologist. After studying Electrical Engineering and Industrial Automation Technology he studied Mediatechnology at Leiden University. Here he could use his technical knowledge and creativity to realize projects like Park to Play and SIC. After his graduation he started his own business in developing media technological concepts like YouCube, Pump to Jump and PipeMania. His analog games were on display at many festivals and in public space.

Credits Balloon Battle Space Race:

Thijs Eerens
Ramon van Bezouw
Remy Wegman
InterACT International b.v.