illustrator and animator

In her works she likes to create worlds or make people conscious about current topics that are going on in the world. Vera Savelkouls does an amazing job at setting up her own brand and polishing her unique-ness. We are excited to follow her trajectory in the Next Talent program 2021-2022.

Vera is an illustrator, animator and screen print enthusiast with a bachelor degree(with honors) based in Tilburg. During her bachelor at the art academy herfascination with graphic techniques started to grow. She is very eager to discover different kinds of illustration by collecting and trying out various techniques like screen printing, tufting, embroidery etc.

In her free time she likes to draw plants and animals or things that inspire her in her daily life. She is also trying to slowly setup her own brand by designing and screen printing her designs on shirts, sweaters and paper.

The partners are enthusiastic about her visual language, the multidisciplinary take Vera has on illustration, combining the best of digital and analogue techniques and the way she sets up her ‘brand’ as an artist.

Read more about Vera in this Fresh Faces interview we did a while back together with Konkav.