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Jurassic Park, Starship Troopers, Ghost Busters, The Matrix Revolutions, Hellboy, Starwars: The force awakens. The list of films Tippett Studio worked on is endless.

Founder Phill Tippett was asked in 1975 to create a stop motion miniature chess scene for STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE That was the start of Tippett handling many aspects of the STAR WARS films, including modeling and casting alien heads and limbs for the busy Cantina scene in the first film. By 1978 Phil led the animation team at Industrial Light and Magic that would launch his career bringing life to the sinister Imperial Walkers and the alien hybrid Tauntaun for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.


A new era for Tippett Studio began when they started working on JURRASIC PARK and moved to computer-generated imagery. A change that led to an Oscar for Visual Effects. Tippett Studio is a visionary studio that determined and instigated modern visual effects.