visual artist

Her style, use of cinematic language and stories she chooses to focus on are contributing to Steffie Storms' uniqueness. She calls herself 'an awkward artist from the Netherlands', we call her a great addition to the Next Talent 2022 program!

Steffie is a visual artist born and raised in Tilburg. As a kid she always felt out of place, like a piece of a puzzle from another box. By drawing, writing and crafting she could view others with her perspective of the world. Today she still uses every medium to tell her personal stories.

While she loves working with wood, clay and graffiti, film is still her main medium. Her work can be recognised by the raw and sometimes experimental visuals combined with personal and fragile stories.

Steffie graduated at St. Joost and also participated in DOCWERK.

The partners in Next about Steffie: “Her style, visual language, the stories she tells have been noticed for a long time and we think that her artistic voice really adds something different to the film landscape.”