playgrounds 2014 | ARTIST TALK

Roof is a playful Studio based in New York City. More is more according to Vinicius Costa of ROOF, a whimsical and spirited studio established in New York City specializing in 3D animation, motion graphics, and digital illustration.

Subject of his talk at Playgrounds will be about the art behind commercial frames (he worked for clients such as Microsfot, Sony and Coca-Cola), how he leans towards the unusual belief of how more is actually more and not how ‘more is less’, often used out there. How more details, more dedication, more patience results into a work that is deeper into emotion and therefore obtains recognition by clients and people breaking many times the logic of a commercial work reality. Costa wants to discuss the language of the visual experience; this conveys how we read art and how we read commercial styleframes, the relationship between a good quality image that can tell a full story within only a single ‘frame’.