playgrounds 2013 | ARTIST TALK

Psyop is originally an army term. It refers to psychological operations aimed at influencing emotions, motives and reasoning of target audiences. Good name for one of the best motion design studios in the world. 

Felt Happiness when drinking coke lately? Thank David Chontos, creative director and designer for Psyop, for that one. David graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2003 with a BFA in Experimental Animation and a Minor in Visual Psychology. He joined Psyop in 2006 as a Texturing and Lighting Artist. His work on Coke’s Happiness Factory earned numerous industry awards, including the Cannes Silver Film Lion, and Gold and Silver Clios. In March of 2008, Chontos moved out to L.A. to help open Psyop’s west coast office. He has since become Head of the CG Department for the LA branch as well as a Creative Director. He continued his endeavors for Coca-Cola on the following six “Happiness Factory” spots and has worked on projects for clients such as Best Buy, Nesquik, Planters, and Kool-Aid.